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Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)   

Frozen Shoulder is an extremly painful condition. Although it can be associated with a large variety of medical conditions and can even be the result of a minor injury to the shoulder, it usually presents with an insideous onset.
Frozen shoulder has got three phases, starting with pain, then pain and stiffness and lastly stiffness. Frozen shoulder is self-limiting, which means that it should resolve by itself. However this can be a very lenghty process even taking over 3 years.

Treatment options can depend on the stage your shoulder is in but generally it consists of:
1. Physiotherapy
2. Hydrodilatation
    This is a relatively new and innovative procedure. Hydrodilatation is perfomed under local anaesthetic and X Ray control.
3. Minimal invasive surgery. Arthroscopic (keyhole) capsular release is performed as a daycase procedure.

If you have frozen shoulder please make an appointment where we can discuss the best treatment plan for you.